Debt Relief in Austin, Texas: Stop Creditor Harassment

One of the most pressing concerns for many debtors is the stressful and antagonistic relationship they endure with creditors. It is important to remember that your creditors will turn over your debts to a collection agency that trains its employees to threaten, harass and intimidate you into paying your bills. Before you concede to the demands of an unruly creditor, it is important to know your options and your rights under bankruptcy law.

At the Law Offices of Susan G. Taylor, we offer experienced and strategic advocacy to help our clients stop creditor harassment through bankruptcy options.

Have you suffered from any of the following?

  • Routine phone calls placed by collectors or computers

  • Threats of lawsuits, litigation, liens or repossession

  • Collection letters to your home or work

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Creditors Must Stop Harassment Immediately After You File

Creditors may call your home, harass you at work, or make threats of foreclosure or repossession. For most people, it is not the debts that become overwhelming, it is the threats and ceaseless actions of creditors. This harassment will stop immediately once you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy law prohibits creditors from harassing you or pursuing debts once you file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

As Your Advocate, WE Will Deal With All Creditors Directly on Your Behalf

As your advocates, we will take every necessary step to protect you against creditors and protect your rights. Immediately after filing, an automatic stay will protect you from any creditor action and should put an end to the harassment. In the event that a creditor does not cease action, we will aggressively represent your interests, contact creditors and collection agencies on your behalf, and ensure their compliance with bankruptcy law.

To discuss your bankruptcy options and debt relief solutions, please contact Law Offices of Susan G. Taylor, an experienced bankruptcy firm serving individuals, families and businesses throughout Central Texas.

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